Lipsense Distribution

Good Morning and Happy Makeup Monday!

Today I wanted to talk a bit more about Lipsense! Now that I have decided to distribute the product, I’ve had many inquiries about the product itself, the distribution end of things and so i wanted to address all of those questions for those interested!

I fell in love with Lipsense when I first reviewed their product a couple weeks ago (post here) and have not been able to stop thinking about it ever since!

As much as I love makeup, I absolutely hate reapplying it throughout the day (I know most of you can relate!!). I also despise leaving lipstick residue everywhere. Lipsense solves all of the above problems and more! It is moisturizing, bonds to your lips, lasts 4-18hrs, is waterproof and smudge proof!! Regardless if you are a mom or career women, going to the beach or going into a meeting, lip sense affords you the time to not have to be constantly reapply your lipstick, worrying that you may have lipstick on your teeth, or leaving lipstick stains everywhere including on your child’s cheek!!

Lipsense is a cruelty free, vegan, gluten free product that is revolutionizing the makeup industry! Once you buy your first lip colour you will understand why! Lipsense offers 36 stunning shades of lip colour and a whole line of makeup! I personally have not tried the makeup yet because I have way too much that i need to get through but the lipstick I just couldn’t resist!

I have included some photos below of some facts and more information on the product, how it compares to others on the market as well as the endless reasons to choose lip sense!

I have also let all of my customers know that if you love lip sense and plan to continue ordering that for $55 you can sign up with the option to sell however there is no obligation and receive 20-50% off every order, no mimimun orders, no kit to purchase and no monthly fee!!! I recommend this to any customer who spends over $100 because you will save yourself $$$!

I have linked my Facebook page here where you will find more information . If you have any questions at all or are interested in distributing or ordering please feel free to private message or email me at

Thanks so much for reading!

Sarah xo

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