My First Mother’s Day

My first mother’s day is tomorrow and I am so excited about it!

Most days I still can’t believe we’ve been blessed with this little miracle,  a spitting image of his dad and an attitude like his mom! I still catch myself being referred to as his mom and relishing in the fact that its real!!

Even through the sleep deprivation and the difficult days, becoming a mom is the most amazing adventure I’ve ever been on. Watching this little being grow and develop has given my life a new purpose and I consider both Clayton and I so blessed to be Cash’s mom and dad.

I also have to note what a gift it has been to watch my mom become a grandma. Our relationship has evolved into such a beautiful connection, I so respect and admire her and what she did for us growing up. I also fully understand the sacrifice both of my parents gave us to make sure we never went without and were always, no matter what, loved and supported! Cash is also so lucky to have his Grandma Pankiw and Grandma Sloan, both so amazing and loving, it truly takes a village and can’t thank all the grandparents enough for their love and support of our little man.

I wish every single mama out there THE best day, I hope your day is filled with love and endless praises because you deserve it<3

Sarah xoxo



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