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Let me start by introducing myself: my name is Sarah and I’m a 29 year old wife and mama to my beautiful son Cash and fur baby mama to Cali! I also a huge fashion lover and beauty fanatic! I live in Alberta, Canada and am a Medical Equipment Sales Rep during the day and blogger by night!

I haven’t always loved fashion and makeup, I grew up playing sports and would have rather been throwing around a lacrosse ball than putting on makeup but as I got older, roughly when I started university, my interests started to shift and I realized I loved to get ready, experiment with makeup and loved a good shopping bargain! This transition led me to starting this blog and feeling comfortable enough to share my experiences with my fashion and my makeup experiments and now my life as a mom!

Part of the reason I started this blog was because I felt I couldn’t relate to most out there. I’m not the skinniest, I have tattoos, once had a shaved head (currently trying to grow out #thestruggle is real!!), and to me there are no rules in Fashion. I dress pretty professionally during the week but love bold colours and pattern combinations, so during the weekend my style truly reflects how I’m feeling!

I want people to feel like no matter their size or physical appearance, they can look and feel amazing in their skin and in the clothes they wear.

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to fashion bloggers is the sheer expense, seeing one outfit including accessories that totals over $5k. This is insane!! The majority of people cannot afford a $2500 designer bag or $1500 shoes, that being said I truly believe people should not have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to look and feel amazing.  I want to inspire women by showing them how to use their current clothes paired in different ways, how to shop smart, to buy quality over quantity, I want to help make it easier for women to be fashionable.

We only have one life so why not have it be bright!

As for the inspiration for naming this blog: well, the majority of the bloggers I follow are in the US and can wear sandals year-round, whereas us Canadians are stuck wearing boots in the snow and slush nine months out of the year! The second part of the blog name comes from my basset hound, Cali. I also wanted to include an animal aspect which is when I decided I wanted to feature rescue animals looking for their forever homes. I work with 3 animal rescues in Edmonton and we’ve fostered ourselves. I wish more people would adopt vs shop at pet shops or through breeders, so why not combine some fashion and some cute puppies!

I want to share my love of fashion and all things beautiful through this blog and can only hope you receive as much joy and happiness reading it as I do writing it!

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Thank you so much for following! xo


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