Basset Rescue Edmonton

Basset Rescue is a non-profit program for purebred Basset Hounds, which finds good homes for abandoned, unwanted, or neglected Bassets. We are a group of volunteers who are linked to one another over the internet.

We become involved in the placement of hounds in a variety of ways. Sometimes we are contacted by people wishing advice on Basset Hounds, or wishing to relinquish a hound. At such time we use our contact list to see if anyone has a good home looking to adopt.

At other times we are contacted by the humane society concerning dogs with medical needs or behaviour problems or in some cases homes could not be found. We pay for the needed surgery or treatments and then seek to recover these costs from an adoptive home, once one has been found. We have a few people that are able to foster.


To be considered as an adopting owner, you must be willing to:

  • return the dog to Basset Rescue, if for any reason you can no longer keep it
  • maintain the rescue solely as a companion and household pet
  • offer necessary veterinary treatment
  • offer fresh water, quality feed, appropriate sleeping quarters, proper grooming, exercise, and attention
  • ensure a fenced yard or appropriate dog run

To learn more about Basset Rescue Edmonton, check out their website.

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