B&B Style Consulting

Hello & Welcome to B&B Style Consulting!

I am so happy you have found your way to this page and I am thrilled to finally announce B&B Style Consulting!!

I started this blog with the intention of helping women feel more comfortable in their own skin, looking and feeling great in your clothes being such a huge part of that. I do not have any formal fashion/makeup training however through this blog I have gained an unbelievable amount of knowledge and understanding of what women want and expect out of their wardrobe. Whether it is a complete overhaul of your wardrobe or shopping for a special occasion, I am here to help and I know that my expertise in this field will assist in giving you the confidence and wardrobe you deserve.

Every single women can look amazing in her wardrobe regardless of their budget, they just need the right tools and thats where I come in!”



First, I need to meet you!! Getting to know you and your personal style, is my #1 goal! This consultation is on the house so that I can develop a better understanding of your position, motives and expectations for a style overhaul.  I will have you fill out a questionnaire and client profile prior to our meeting so that I have a bit of background knowledge to prep! Once at the meeting we will discuss your likes, dislikes, body shape, favourite colours, patterns etc and I will have created a small look book based on your questionnaire answers of outfits I think represent your goals. At this point we will decide on an action plan and one or more of the services below that best suits you!


Wardrobe Makeover

Starting at $300 (min 3hrs and $50 per hour after the 3 hours)

This is a complete overhaul of your closet! It will begin by evaluating each piece in your wardrobe to determine whether they will stay or go. Analysis will be based on your style, body type, fit of clothes and variability. We will style your existing pieces into useable and functional outfit choices and from there we will determine key pieces that may be missing in your wardrobe. I will then develop an action plan for budgeting to add any of the missing articles into your wardrobe. A look book will also be created for you to keep on hand to assist in outfit pairing and styling!


Personal Shopping


Do you already know you are missing some key pieces in your wardrobe and just need some additional assistance with shopping?! Or maybe you hate shopping but need more clothing options?! This package is for you! From your questionnaire answers and budget guidelines we will determine what stores you would like to visit and key pieces you are looking to buy.


Spend a Day with Me!


This service incorporates a mini version of the wardrobe makeover and personal shopping experience. We will spend the morning going through your wardrobe, pulling pieces and styling different outfit choices together! From there we determine what pieces you may be missing or would like to add to you wardrobe and then we go shopping!!! Stores will be determined prior to our shopping adventures to ensure no time is wasted.


Makeup Consultation


Do you have a ton of makeup and don’t know how to use it?! Are you looking for new products to compliment your skin tone and daily life?! Looking for quality cruelty free brands?! This is an awesome package that will help you get the most out of your existing makeup selection as well as new makeup you may want to add into your arsenal! Depending on your budget I will select products that best represent what you are looking for out of your makeup and we will go over beauty routines that you can use in your day to day life!


Special Occasion


Big event coming up and you don’t know what to wear?! Whether its for a wedding/engagement/birthday, I will guide you based on your needs and personal style through the action plan we develop in our initial consultation!


A New You (Wardrobe/Makeup/Hair)

(Please contact me for pricing)

This is the full meal deal and the most complete package I offer! From head to toe we have you covered as this package includes the Wardrobe Makeover, Makeup Overhaul and the Personal shopping experience as well as a new hair styling for a updated and fresher you!! I have teamed up with an amazing hair stylist right here in Edmonton to bring you this amazing package!!


For more information on any of the packages you see above or to book an appointment please contact me at bbstyleconsulting@gmail.com

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