Diaper Bag Essentials

One thing is forsure, I do not leave the house without this bag! I have traded in my purses for a diaper bag and I’m totally loving it, especially because I’m in love with my diaper bag!! There is definitely a fine art to packing a diaper bag, you don’t want to overpack because you are hauling that bag everywhere but you don’t want to under pack for fear of forgetting something critical you may need! These essentials I could not live without and make life outside of the house and on the go so much easier!

Skip Hop Grab & Go Changing Station

This change pad is awesome. You can pack you diapers and wipes in the inside pockets so there is no need to take your whole diaper bag to the changing station, just this handy little clutch! Also once your baby gets bigger and you no longer have to carry their food, you can just take this clutch with you or keep it in the car to have on hand! I also love that the change pad itself is large and can be detached from the zipper compartment if you only want to take the pad! I look around for a while before I went ahead with this change pad and I am so happy with my decision!

The Over Company Nursing Cover

I have used this cover so much its ridiculous! Not only do I use it for nursing but I also use it over the car seat as a cover. Now thats is warmer out its nice to have a cover that blocks out the sun but also allows air flow and although I haven’t used it in a shopping cart, it also converts to be used in a shopping cart. It s win/win for functionality and style, every mom needs one!!

Wildbird Sling

If you follow me on instagram you know through my stories that I love to baby wear. I find it so much easier to put Cash in a sling vs hauling that heavy car seat everywhere. For almost all of our outings and for our nightly walks he is in the sling. It gives me complete use of both my hands while baby is close and comforted in the sling.

Formula Dispensar/Divider

Before I found this cute little divider I was using ziplock bags and lets just say this is wayyyyy better!! We started formula feeding when Cash was only a couple days old due to a bout of jaundice and complications from my breast reduction surgery that resulted in a low supply. For any mamas using formula at all, this little container is worth its weight in gold. Easy to pour out and small enough to fit in any pocket it is a great little accessory that allows you to ration the necessary formula for your bottles.

Another side mention, unfortunately it does not fit in my diaper bag however if you are using formula I HIGHLY recommend the Baby Breeza. This has been one of the best investments we have made for any baby item. It heats the water to the perfect temperature, rations the perfect amount of formula and makes a bottle in less than 10 seconds! I would wait to purchase until baby is eating at least 60mls/2oz as this is the smallest setting however after that this tassimo for babies is brilliant!!

Baby Clothes

I always carry an extra onesie, set of clothes and a couple bibs (hello drool) with me just in case we have a blow out (which has yet to happen when we are out and about, thank god!!) Some of my favourite baby clothes come from local companies HazelberryCo & The Modern Kid Co as well as Joe Fresh and Carters!

Now with summer here as well I always have his turtle sun hat, baby sunglasses, and summer spray (safe for babies) on hand. I also also bring my Tofino Towel with me if we are going to the park or planning to sit outside!

Diapers & Wipes

When it comes to actual diaper products the Burt’s Bee line is so awesome. We have used the Burts Bee’s Baby Lotion as well as diaper cream since Cash was born and have not had a single rash! I also keep the Penaten Diaper Cream on hand just in case his little bum needs come extra hydration or his poops are extra messy!

Another brand we have used since Cash was born is the Seventh Generation Diapers and Seventh Generation Wipes (I also love their cleaning products). I also love that their diapers made with the environment in mind, have zero bleaching chemicals and are ultra absorbent!

Lastly my lovely Fawn Design Diaper Bag (Stone Grey)! I bought this diaper bag off of their Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook page and I could not be happier with the bag. It is functional, stylish and I love that is is a backpack, has so many compartments and is easily worn while i baby carry. It also allows me to have hands free which I have learned is literally a life saver when you have a baby. I initially started out with the Lassig diaper bag which was a beautiful bag however I found carrying the carseat and diaper bag left me with zero hands to open doors or get around!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Sarah xo




Brows & A Bold Lip

I don’t have a ton of time nowadays to get ready especially when Clayton is away so this is my simplistic, semi put together, favourite look! Bold lips, brows and mascara!

Hope you enjoy!

Sarah xoimage1.PNG

Face: Tarte BB Tinted Moisturizer in light

L’Oreal True Match Foundation in W3

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

Ben Nye Setting Powder in Cameo

Too Faced Matte Bronzer in Milk Chocolate

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Ebony

Lips: Lipsense Blu Red & Lipsense Matte Gloss

Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara Primer & Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

My First Mother’s Day

My first mother’s day is tomorrow and I am so excited about it!

Most days I still can’t believe we’ve been blessed with this little miracle,  a spitting image of his dad and an attitude like his mom! I still catch myself being referred to as his mom and relishing in the fact that its real!!

Even through the sleep deprivation and the difficult days, becoming a mom is the most amazing adventure I’ve ever been on. Watching this little being grow and develop has given my life a new purpose and I consider both Clayton and I so blessed to be Cash’s mom and dad.

I also have to note what a gift it has been to watch my mom become a grandma. Our relationship has evolved into such a beautiful connection, I so respect and admire her and what she did for us growing up. I also fully understand the sacrifice both of my parents gave us to make sure we never went without and were always, no matter what, loved and supported! Cash is also so lucky to have his Grandma Pankiw and Grandma Sloan, both so amazing and loving, it truly takes a village and can’t thank all the grandparents enough for their love and support of our little man.

I wish every single mama out there THE best day, I hope your day is filled with love and endless praises because you deserve it<3

Sarah xoxo



Getting Back On The Fitness Train

This mama is jumping back on the fitness train! When Cash turned 3mths I decided it was time to start eating healthy and exercising again. At 3mth I felt like my body had had enough time to heal, that being said the first couple weeks i took it easy as it was a huge transition for my body and mentally as well! When you are dealing with a lack of sleep its easy to sit around in your pjs all day but I am one that goes crazy if I am cooped up inside too long!

During my pregnancy I gained just about 35 pounds. Right after having Cash I was just over 200 pounds which scared me because i had never weighed more than 200 pounds. When I started working out at 3mths I weighed 194 pounds and weighing myself last night I weighed 185!! Progress!! Now I should note I am not a huge advocate of using a scale, I prefer to go more by how I am feeling and listening to my body but its really helped a lot and I’ve noticed a big difference. Ive added two before and afters, first photo is just after when we found out we were pregnant at 8 weeks and the second is me at 38 weeks! The second photo is me at 40 weeks/5 days and me two months post baby.


One of the first steps I took was just walking, Cash was born at the beginning go January and I remember the week we brought him home the average temperature was -20C (way too cold to take a newborn out haha!) Once it started to warm up to the point that it was ok for us to walk outside for 20-30min we were going! At that point I wasn’t even thinking about myself physically or getting back into shape, for me it was the mental break I needed, the fresh air and getting out of the house kept me sane haha!

This past month we started strollercise and bootcamp at our local recreation centre and man was it a wake up call as to how out of shape I was! Let me tell you my ass was dragging those first few weeks and oh so sore!! These classes run 3 times a week and due to sleep regression and easter so far we have only made it twice a week however starting this week we are committing to 3 times a week now that our little mister is sleeping more consistently! We are also still going on daily walks with little miss Cali who loves her walks haha and Im hoping to eventually end at the park once its nice enough for a little picnic!

One fitness item that I have been looking at and finally committed to buying after being gifted a credit, was a fitbit. A couple years ago I had the fitbit flex (i think thats what it was called, 3 little dots lit up) and to be honest I didn’t use it that much. When I started looking at fitness watches I wanted one that would track my steps, heart rate etc but also a watch that would connect to my phone to allow me to disconnect from my phone and the Fitbit Charge 2 was it for me (I also looked at the apple watch but could not justify the $$) Through the fitbit app you can set goals for yourself, how many steps a day you’d like to reach, track your meals/calories, exercises, water intake, sleep patterns (this has been very interesting as a new mom!) I absolutely love it! You can also set reminderss every hr to move, the fitbit will recognize if you haven’t been active and send you a little vibration to remind you to get moving!

Some of my other fitness necessities are good runners, a House of Koopslie headband, wireless headphones and a great playlist!!

Lastly, diet is probably the biggest challenge and change I’ve made. Ive attached a link to one of my favourite bloggers (here) where she links her three week slim down as well as a fantastic meal plan I have been following! One of my favourite meals to make is a turkey pesto and avocado wrap! Just buy pesto, smooth over the wrap, turkey, peppers, and avocados with a side of carrots and hummus, put in your panini press and



Lipsense Distribution

Good Morning and Happy Makeup Monday!

Today I wanted to talk a bit more about Lipsense! Now that I have decided to distribute the product, I’ve had many inquiries about the product itself, the distribution end of things and so i wanted to address all of those questions for those interested!

I fell in love with Lipsense when I first reviewed their product a couple weeks ago (post here) and have not been able to stop thinking about it ever since!

As much as I love makeup, I absolutely hate reapplying it throughout the day (I know most of you can relate!!). I also despise leaving lipstick residue everywhere. Lipsense solves all of the above problems and more! It is moisturizing, bonds to your lips, lasts 4-18hrs, is waterproof and smudge proof!! Regardless if you are a mom or career women, going to the beach or going into a meeting, lip sense affords you the time to not have to be constantly reapply your lipstick, worrying that you may have lipstick on your teeth, or leaving lipstick stains everywhere including on your child’s cheek!!

Lipsense is a cruelty free, vegan, gluten free product that is revolutionizing the makeup industry! Once you buy your first lip colour you will understand why! Lipsense offers 36 stunning shades of lip colour and a whole line of makeup! I personally have not tried the makeup yet because I have way too much that i need to get through but the lipstick I just couldn’t resist!

I have included some photos below of some facts and more information on the product, how it compares to others on the market as well as the endless reasons to choose lip sense!

I have also let all of my customers know that if you love lip sense and plan to continue ordering that for $55 you can sign up with the option to sell however there is no obligation and receive 20-50% off every order, no mimimun orders, no kit to purchase and no monthly fee!!! I recommend this to any customer who spends over $100 because you will save yourself $$$!

I have linked my Facebook page here where you will find more information . If you have any questions at all or are interested in distributing or ordering please feel free to private message or email me at lipsensesp@gmail.com

Thanks so much for reading!

Sarah xo

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This year more than ever Mother’s Day is so special, not only because my little Cashew is here to celebrate with me (this week last year we found out we were pregnant!) but also because I now truly know and understand the love a mother has for her child as my mother did for us and everything she sacrificed to raise us.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner I have teamed up with Miss Boss to bring you the perfect Mother’s Day gift guide, supporting local business because lets face it all mothers deserve to be spoiled rotten!!

Deux Lux Bond Weekend Bag – This bag is absolutely stunning and would be perfect for a weekend getaway or summer vacation to spoil mom for all her never-ending handwork! The navy basket woven material is the perfect shade for a year round bag, adding texture to an otherwise beautiful bag! For some added fun, the Deux Lux Samba Keychain is the perfect little accessory for this bag!

Tofino Towel – I cannot wait to use the tofino towel this summer! Not only can it be used at the park or for a picnic but it can be beautiful inside your home too for a playroom or in a bathroom! The perfect blanket/towel  for any mom to have in the stroller or at home!

Z Supply Tee – These tee shirts are life. I have been living in these as they are great for nursing but they are also super cute and functional for that on the go mom! They are also so reasonably priced and come in some gorgeous colours and patterns!

Melissa Harmonic Bow Sandals – These jelly bow flip flops are so adorable! Functional and stylish they are perfect for that special lady in your life!

Explore Art Print – I love this print, for moms home office or bathroom, it is a cute little addition to any room!

Art + Soul Mom Card – Lastly, i hate buying generic cards, Art + Soul provides the perfect solution! Made in Canada they are the cutest cards and you are supporting a hard working Canadian women, its a win win!

I have also attached this exclusive coupon below, print it out and bring it to the store to receive 10% off your purchase when you spend $50 or more!

Wishing all the hard working mothers out there the most wonderful mothers day!

Sarah xo



Deux Lux Bag, Bow Sandals & Art Print provided by Miss Boss.



No Makeup Monday: Skincare

I made the decision shortly after Cash was born that I was going to start taking better care of my skin. I am now barely wearing makeup, maybe a couple days a week if that and it became evident my skin needed a bit more love and care if I was going to age gracefully 😉 Im coming up to my last year in my twenty’s (yikes)!!

I set out to find a natural, plant based skincare that was Vegan, did not test on animals and would not break the bank. This is where I started and ended up reconnecting with The Body Shop. I truthfully have not shopped at the Body Shop since high school but was really surprised at the quality of product and the range of products they offer.

I knew for skincare I wanted to find a cleanser, moisturizer and something additionally to help revitalize my skin. I decided on the Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash (literally so creamy and so soft!)  I wanted something I could use everyday that would not irritate or dry out my skin, that I could use throughout the year regardless of season and I have to say I absolutely love this cleanser!!

Next up is the moisturizer! I wanted a mattifying moisturizer to help with reducing oil/breakouts on my skin so I decided to go with the Seaweed Oil-Control Mattifying Gel Day Cream. It has a creamy gel consistency and applies great however I have to admit I love it, it does its job well but I needed more moisture so on my next purchase I will be going with the Vitamin E Moisture Cream.

Lastly I wanted to add an extra pop and decided the Drops of Youth Serum would be it after reading all of their amazing reviews. I lovvve this product, one drop in the morning and one at night it glides over your skin to help boost the surface skin cell renewal!

For masks, I decided on these two, the Chinese Ginseng and Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask and the British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask. Two masks, two totally different purposes which is what I wanted. I use each mask once a week and because I still tend to break out every once and a while so I wanted an exfoliating, clarifying mask to help with my breaks out and the plumping mask to help enrich moisture back into my skin for a more youthful and brighter glow.

I already have my eyes out for my next trip to the Body Shop and plan to include the Camomile Gentle Makeup RemoverCoconut Body Milk Lotion and the Almond Milk & Honey Calming Bath Milk!

Overall I am absolutely ecstatic with my purchases minus the one change to a Vitamin E moisture cream for added hydration. I have already noticed the quality of my skin has improved, its smoother, more even and definitely more hydrated. I highly recommend you go to your local Body Shop and check out all of their amazing products as there is sure to be a winning combination. Lastly their pricing is so reasonable, as a mom on maternity leave I do not have hundreds of dollars to spend that being said I wanted a quality product and found it at the Body Shop!

Hope you have a great week!

Sarah xo

*This is not a sponsored post*