Winter Essentials

The little dust of snow we got this week has me full on in Christmas mode! Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year and with our little man due Christmas Day it could not be a more special year!!! I love everything about Christmas, the decorations, christmas carols, eggnog, warm clothes, yummy treats and the time spent with friends and family over the holidays!  I am eagerly awaiting for Ikea to have their real trees for sale (Christmas tradition, we go every year and pick out a tree!!) and until then we have a jam packed weekend of prenatal classes and a calligraphy workshop I am taking with my mom!! I am so excited for both I can’t even tell you!!

Any who, back to the post;) I wanted to round up my winter essentials as we creep closer and closer to december because in Alberta you never know what the weather will bring! I also keep hearing we are suppose to have the worst winter we’ve had in years so i have taken it upon myself to be equipped with the cutest, warmest, stylish little pieces I can find!!

Pom Pom Toque

I am obessed with pom pom toques this year and this one from Miss Boss (available in store) is perfection!  Ive linked some alternative toques below!

Diamond Knit Hat   Faux Fur Ear Muffs   Pink Cable Knit Toque   Waffle Knit Beanie


Warm Scarf

You guys know scarves are my jam and one of the reasons I dont mind living in Alberta because you can get away with wearing on 10 months out of the year!!

Jacquard Fringe Scarf  Jackson Rowe Chief Blanket  Multi Colour Fringe Scarf     Jackson Rowe North Blanket Scarf


A To Go Mug

When winter rolls around I tend to make a lot more warm beverages especially when I am on the go throughout the day. Its so nice to have a to go mug that is stylish and will functionally keep your drink warmer for a longer period of time!

Candy Cane Traveler    Sweater Tumblr    Christmas Lights Traveler   Red Quilted Traveler



Who doesn’t need a good pair of mittens! There is nothing worse than grabbing onto that frozen steering wheel or getting snow on your hands when you are brushing off your car in the morning!

XO Mittens            Diamond Knit             Cable Knit               Jewelled


OTK Leather Boots

I am such a fan of this style of boot I can’t even express how much I love them. I have worn this pair of boots for the last two winter seasons and they have not let me down! Over the knee boots look great with dresses, skirts, jeans and leggings plus they keep you dry if there is a big dump of snow! Win, Win all around! Ive linked some similar styles below!

Vince Camuto Melaya  Michael Kors Sabrina   Vince Camuto Pedra  Vince Camuto Bendra



Last but not least a warm, functional, stylish jacket! I found this jacket at Winners and its by BCBG. I love the leather patching and silver detail. It gives the “typical black jacket” some character! Nowadays there are so many designers and so many different styles of winter coat you can have a lot of fun with colour, detail and trimmings! Let the coat bring out your character!

Burgundy Guess Coat Steve Madden Faux Fur Coat Jcrew Grey Coat Michael Kors Wool Coat

img_0184img_0181img_0182img_0176img_0173img_0169img_0185Jacket: Winners (old), White Fur Toque: (Available in store at Miss Boss, Similar Style Here), XO Mittens Dress: Forever 21, Boots: Sam Edelman (old), Scarf: Old Navy (old, similar here) Bag: One Fated Knight King

10 Fun Relationship Facts

It’s hubby’s birthday today so I am celebrating with this post, 10 fun facts about our relationship!!

1. We met through a mutual friend at a BBQ, what connected us?! My pink motorcycle helmet;) We dated for two years before we got engaged and were married quite young at 23 but haven’t looked back since!

2. Making each other laugh I think is our best quality as a couple. We rarely argue but when we do, one of us always ends up cracking a joke or making the other smile.

3. We truly are homebodies, we would rather cuddle up with Cali in bed and watch a movie than do anything else!

4. We are both procrastinators which sometimes gets us into trouble!!

5. Clayton is the calm one in the relationship, I tend to be a bit dramatic sometimes (as does Cali haha) I am also very stubborn where as clayton lets things go way easier than I do!!

6. I love banana pancakes for breakfast on the weekend, Clayton prefers A & W breakfast!!

7. Initially Clayton was not interested in traveling, at all. I told him if we were going to be together, I was going to travel and leave him behind! So he finally agreed to go ahead and book our first trip to Cuba, funny enough he is now the one who books our trips;) We’ve now covered Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba and a couple cities in the States! Up next, South Africa or Europe!!

8.  My favourite ice-cream is bubble gum, Clayton’s is Tiger with bubble gum coming in a close second!!

9.  Clayton is obsessed with Dinosaurs, hence the nursery theme! He is already planning our trips to Drumheller for when Turtle is old enough! I prefer Elephants or Whales;)

10. Basset Hounds are our favourite breed, whenever we see one we are instantly drawn to them and have to go in for a pet. One day we will hopefully be able to bring another one (or two home;))