Styling a Blanket Scarf

Blanket Scarves have become an essential fall/winter accessory for me and with so many ways to style just one scarf, it is a great investment piece for seasons to come!

I am a huge fan of plaid so when Miss Boss received this Jackson Rowe Scout Scarf in Brick I knew I needed to add this piece to my wardrobe and I have pretty much warn it every day since!

The versatility of a blanket scarf is endless, here I have paired it as an open scarf, folded up into a triangular scarf, as a poncho as well as a wrap! I also wanted to show the variety by pairing it with heels for a bit more sass as well as with boots for a casual look! I have linked the rest of my outfit details below!

I hope you guys enjoy and have a great weekend! xo

DSC01336 DSC01371 DSC01357 DSC01350 DSC01363 DSC01361 DSC01377 DSC01346 DSC01375

Scarf: Jackson Rowe Scout in Brick I Long Mustard Sweater: Joe Fresh I Tank: C’est Moi Seamless Tank I Jeans: American Eagle Jegging I Burgundy Pumps: Forever 21 I Boots: Cougar Brand at Winners (Online here) I Hangbag: Matt & Nat Clarke in Cocoa I Earrings: Eliasz & Ella Rose Gold City Studs I Necklace: Eliasz & Ella Tiger Eye Stone I   Bracelets: Copper Stone, Dalmation Leaf & Woodland Sparkle Bangin Bracelets

Colour Pop Liquid Matte Lipstick Review

I first heard about Colour Pop through my cousin, after admiring her lip colour!  I browsed their site for weeks and finally decided to pull the trigger on these three matte lip colours, Limbo, LAX & Trap! For $6 how could you go wrong! PS My last burgundy lip post on Instagram is wearing LAX!

Well, first thing I want to address is Matte Lipsticks are a whole nother ball game that I really haven’t had a ton of exposure to minus the Too Faced Liquid Lipsticks but they really aren’t true Matte. These puppies are true matte almost to a fault. After trying multiple applications I found I had to hydrate my lips prior to application otherwise I found them very drying. You could also add a lip gloss on top however that kind of defeats the purpose of them being matte!

Secondly is once you apply them, wait and let them dry before you touch anything up because if you smudge it becomes a disaster (I know from experience!) and once it is on there it is one there for good! Especially with the darker colours, I found I really had to scrub to get them off however I love the fact that I can wear them all day and not have to worry about touching them up!

Lastly the colour on these babies is undeniable! I am so in love with the pigments that the other factors for me really don’t apply. LAX is the perfect dark burgundy colour, Limbo is a beautiful rich brown and Trap is a grey/nude finish with somewhat of a purple undertone (my go to!) I am super excited to try more of their lines, including their other lipstick, eyeshadows and soon to be released liners!

If you are looking to purchase these matte lipsticks, the price is in US (for my Canadian followers), however they almost always have a coupon code for $5 off. For these three lipsticks plus shipping I paid $23US!

Hope you enjoyed! xo

DSC01252 DSC01256 DSC01257

Left: LAX Centre: Trap  Right: Limbo

Skincare Routine – Clinique

The older I get the more I realize how important my skin in. I would be the first to admit that in my younger years I laid in the sun without sunscreen, sometimes with baby oil (yikes!) sometimes didn’t wash my face or use any cleansers/moisturizers but times have changed and with the accessibility of the internet I can research and read reviews on any product before having to spend any money. We each get one set of skin and we should make sure we take care of it!

There is such a range of skincare it sometimes feels like an impossible task to choose the right combination for your skin type. Use your resources and always try a skincare first before investing a ton of money. I personally will always start off with a travel size version to make sure my skin doesn’t have a negative reaction before I spend invest in a line. Also keep in mind trying a skincare for one or two nights is not viable either. You must use it for at least a couple weeks in order for your skin to acclimate.

I I first started using this clinique set back in the summer and wanted to try it for at least a couple months before I gave a review on it, and I am really impressed with this line. Clinique is dermatologist tested and has great reviews online. They have a variety of options depending on your skin type (dry/combination/normal) and you can mix and match depending on what your skin. I started with this $26 travel size kit (here) (also please keep in mind I have dry/combination skin)and I am now buying this $46 kit (here) and as you can tell from the price it is extremely reasonable. I am also a big fan of buying kits, my reasoning being that they are formulated and crafted to work best together!

Step1: Liquid Facial Mild Soap

I love this cleanser it is gentle, foamy and I get that clean sensation when I am finished washing my face. I use it every morning and night after I have taken off my makeup!

Step 2: Clarifying Lotion

This is probably my favourite product in this kit. It removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed. If I have worn lots of makeup that day I will usually also use this product in the morning and at night.

Step 3: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

This is one of the best moisturizers I have ever used. It leaves my skin hydrating and smooth without being oily or too heavy. I use this every morning before I apply makeup and at night before I go to bed!

I hope you enjoyed! Remember do your homework, and find the best skincare that works for your skin! xo

DSC01298 DSC01303


Favourite Youtube Beauty Gurus

I get most if not all of my beauty tips and tricks from these amazing individuals, new products coming to market, reviews of current products on the market and tutorials on pretty much any look in the book! I love the fact that I can watch their videos and know I am getting their honest opinion on a product because we alllll know how expensive makeup can be! All of these peeps are so gorgeous, Hilariousss and soo knowledgeable and truthful in the fab department!



Jaclyn Hill – This girl is hilarious and absolute perfection in the beauty department! Her videos are upbeat, easy to follow and she started her career at Mac, fast forward a couple years and she is over 2 million subscribers on youtube, Go Girl!!

Nicole Guerriero – This girl is the bomb, she has amazing tutorials not only for every day looks but dramatic looks and the most insane halloween looks! She’s funny, blunt (which I love) and honest! She also has over 2 million followers!!

Manny Mau – Manny kills me, watch any video and you’ll understand, he is the gay man every women wants as a best friend! He’s frickin’ hilarious and absolutely gorgeous! Work it girl!!

Carli Bybel – Carli is gorgeous and also a great fashion vlogger! Whether it’s hair, eyebrow or winged liner tutorials this girl has got you covered!

Hope you enjoyed! xo

Morphe Brushes 35T Palette

I first learned about Morphe Brushes through one of my favourite Youtube Vloggers, Jaclyn Hill! (If you have not heard of her, you are missing out!) I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews and decided to pull the trigger on this palette and I am soooo happy I did! I feel like with online shopping there is always a risk that you won’t like what you get but whenever you are buying or looking into products, especially makeup, it pays to do your homework!

The verdict…This palette is absolutely stunning!! The eyeshadows are so pigmented and creamy, they blend like a dream. AND can I mention the price!! This palette is currently on sale for $23 for 35 eyeshadows!!! I did some swatches on my arm to show what some of the colours look like on my skin, I really wanted to do some photos of my eye makeup but ran out of time so I promise I will do this! In the past I have been a huge Uban Decay Naked Palette user and now at least this last week, the only palette I am reaching for is the 35T!

It also worked out amazingly that the 35O Palette, which is probably the most talked abut palette on social media right now and has been sold out since it’s release is back in stock this morning at 11am!!! I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on some more of the fab palettes! The Morphe Brushes site is linked here!

Hope you enjoy! xo

DSC01177 DSC01178 DSC01179DSC01171 DSC01172DSC01239 DSC01229 DSC01230


I may not have a lot of hair but this is even more reason to keep it healthy and to aid in growing quickly! My hair stylist told me this is a fresh start for my hair and i love that look on it!

I have used Pureology for as long as I can remember, even as a teenager my parents both used it and I would sneak into their bathroom to “borrow” some!

Why I love Pureology? First off it is a 100% Vegan and sulfate free. I am not a vegan however I try to be as conscious as possible when buying products that test on animals or contain chemical additives. The second reason, I have never used another shampoo and conditioner that has made my hair feel as soft or healthy as this product. I use their hydrate line especially with our dry climate it is a life saver. I have tried other shampoo and conditioners throughout the years and absolutely nothing comes close! If you are looking for a new shampoo and conditioner i HIGHLY recommend this product. You can buy sample sizes to try out before investing, I buy the 1L jugs at Chatters (here) and just refill my smaller bottles as I go!

Hope you enjoyed! xo

DSC01071 DSC01079

Eyebrow Routine

I first started learning to fill in my brows at a makeup class here in Edmonton and from that point forward my makeup routine was forever changed. Filling in your brows not only gives structure and depth to you face, it also frames and highlights your eye! If I am going to do one thing in the mornings its by brows! For that very reason I want to share my eyebrow routine with you all!

Now keep in mind it does take a while to get the hang of it and figure out the shape that best suits you! I still sometimes play around with this, just remember to have fun with it! I would highly recommend going into Sephora and either talking with a beauty consultant there or taking swatches of the different shades of dip brow to figure out which will suit your eyebrow colour best. I have both shades Dark Brown and Ebony, depending on the seasons and how dramatic of I look I want i go between the two!

Products Used: I am a dye hard Anastasia Beverly Hills fan. Her dip brow is amazing, reasonably priced ($18) and lasts foreverrrrr! (As you can tell from the picture below I bought this shade over 9 months ago and I am barely half way through it!)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Dark Brown

Anastasia Brow Gel

Covergirl Ready Set Go Concealer

Hope you dolls enjoy! xo

Step 1: Brush your brows. I like to brush out my brows to make sure all the little hairs are straight and pointed in the right direction!DSC01012

Step 2: Dip your tipped brushed into the dip brow and use the under side of the lid to feather out the product so you don’t take on too much! I also like to pinch my tipped brush with toilet paper to make sure the tip is as pointed and straight as possible.

DSC01021 DSC01024

Step 3: Line under your brows. I like to have as straight of line as possible because of my eyebrow shape. Again this will vary depending on the shape of your own brow and the look you would like to attain!


Step 4: Line above your brows. The key to lining above is not going for a solid dark line the whole way, you’ll see below I start to line a bit behind the start of my brow and then back towards the tip of my brow.


Step 5: Fill in your brow. As mentioned above i like to leave the front of my brow lighter than the rest of the brow, not having such harsh lines softens the look. With the way my brows are shaped I like to do more of a rectangle edge, some women have a more round finish whatever works for you, you do you!l!

Step 6: I like to finish my brows by taking a tapered brush and using my concealer to finish off the edges and make sure every line is where i want it. If you make any mistakes this concealer is a life saver! Lastly a little brow gel to keep all those little hairs in check!

DSC01044 DSC01048


DSC01057 DSC01063 DSC01070