How To Dress For Family Photo Sessions

Maxine & Shellaine Photography and myself have collaborated to share this useful styling tool to assist in planning for your upcoming photography session.

Photography sessions are an investment, an investment you want to last a lifetime and styling is a huge factor in making your photos come together and withstand the test of time. Below I have listed helpful hints on planning for your session, as well as some retail outlets here in Edmonton as well as online to make your buying experience a positive one.

Coordinate/Don’t Match

Gone are the days of denim and matching white tee shirts. You will want to select a colour scheme and within that colour scheme mix and match your pieces to compliment that scheme.  Stick with classic neutrals that compliment you and your family. Keep in mind less is more.

Textures and Layers

Incorporating different textures and layers into your outfits will add dimension and depth to your photos. Don’t be afraid to add a scarf, knit sweater, fur vest or a wide natural textured belt and don’t forget to accessorize with something to give your photos a personal touch.

Plan In Advance

Keep in mind the location. This is crucial for making sure your theme comes together. A black mini skirt in a outdoor/natural setting doesn’t quite fit, if you see what I’m saying! If you are planning for a scenic nature setting, incorporate warm neutrals, soft browns and maybe a contrasting colour, such as mustard or burgundy as they will balance each other well.

The Season is also very important and will set the stage for the type of outfit you select. If it’s winter, warm neutrals are again a great option, for fall, greens, oranges and mustards are a beautiful combination to the changing season and for summer creams, blushes, whites, greys and soft blues.

Fashion Feet

Lets not forget about the shoes! Shoes are just as important as any other article of clothing and can easily complete and compliment an outfit. Toss the sneakers aside and op for a semi dressy option (i.e. loafers/boots etc)

Clothing To Avoid

There are certain patterns/graphics that really stand out in photos and take the focus away from you and your family. Large logos,patterns, graphics and brand names should be avoided. This will also aid in dating your photos.

Recommended Places To Shop in Edmonton

Shades of Grey Boutique

Whos Cares Wear

Yo Momma Maternity 

Gravity Pope

The Skinny

Miss Boss

Recommended Places To Shop Online

Zara Kids



Her (Whites)


Her (Colour)




Kids Boys


Kids Girls


Thank you so much for reading!

Sarah xo

Merry Christmas 2016

Sunday, as well as Christmas, marks my 40th week pregnant!! I seriously cannot wrap my brain around how fast this year has gone by and oh what a year it was!!! It hasn’t been without its ups and downs but I truly consider us so blessed. We have a warm, solid roof over our head, food in our stomachs and the most amazing little miracle just waiting to make his big debut! Behind all of life struggles and hurdles there are so many little blessings.

This year I’ve learned to slow down and appreciate the little things (which I totally accredit to my pregnancy). Every little kick and wiggle I’ve tried to stop, love and appreciate every second of it. I know I will miss being pregnant and I know this has made me stop and truly appreciate the moment I am in.

I am also so grateful for my health and the health of my loved ones. My dad was granted remission in March after dealing with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma for the past year and Clayton had a medical scare in October (thankfully he is ok and is on medication to treat his sarcoidosis). I believe you can never truly appreciate your health until yourself or someone you love faces health troubles . Also having a body that has aloud me to carry our healthy baby boy to full term is such a miracle in itself, the human body is truly amazing!

This blog is another blessing in my life that I will be forever thankful for. It has introduced me to so many amazing people and built a community I never thought imaginable. The support and love I have received since starting this blog is truly heartwarming and I cannot tell you enough how much it means to me, so for all my supporters, all of the companies I have collaborated with and all you loyal readers and followers, thank you so much for riding this adventure with me!

Lastly I would also like to thank my amazing husband, the blogs #1 supporter and photographer!! Countless hours go into making this blog possible and I truly could not do it without him. I am so excited to embark on this new adventure of becoming parents with you, you are going to be the most amazing dad (he already is)!!

I wish every single soul reading this the most wonderful Christmas. I look forward to sharing the news of our little mans arrival and all that the New Year has to offer me and my little family!

May 2017 bless you in health, love and happiness.

Sarah xo

I will be forever grateful to Maxine and Shellaine Photography for capturing this most special time in my life. I will cherish these photos forever<3