Diaper Bag Essentials

One thing is forsure, I do not leave the house without this bag! I have traded in my purses for a diaper bag and I’m totally loving it, especially because I’m in love with my diaper bag!! There is definitely a fine art to packing a diaper bag, you don’t want to overpack because you are hauling that bag everywhere but you don’t want to under pack for fear of forgetting something critical you may need! These essentials I could not live without and make life outside of the house and on the go so much easier!

Skip Hop Grab & Go Changing Station

This change pad is awesome. You can pack you diapers and wipes in the inside pockets so there is no need to take your whole diaper bag to the changing station, just this handy little clutch! Also once your baby gets bigger and you no longer have to carry their food, you can just take this clutch with you or keep it in the car to have on hand! I also love that the change pad itself is large and can be detached from the zipper compartment if you only want to take the pad! I look around for a while before I went ahead with this change pad and I am so happy with my decision!

The Over Company Nursing Cover

I have used this cover so much its ridiculous! Not only do I use it for nursing but I also use it over the car seat as a cover. Now thats is warmer out its nice to have a cover that blocks out the sun but also allows air flow and although I haven’t used it in a shopping cart, it also converts to be used in a shopping cart. It s win/win for functionality and style, every mom needs one!!

Wildbird Sling

If you follow me on instagram you know through my stories that I love to baby wear. I find it so much easier to put Cash in a sling vs hauling that heavy car seat everywhere. For almost all of our outings and for our nightly walks he is in the sling. It gives me complete use of both my hands while baby is close and comforted in the sling.

Formula Dispensar/Divider

Before I found this cute little divider I was using ziplock bags and lets just say this is wayyyyy better!! We started formula feeding when Cash was only a couple days old due to a bout of jaundice and complications from my breast reduction surgery that resulted in a low supply. For any mamas using formula at all, this little container is worth its weight in gold. Easy to pour out and small enough to fit in any pocket it is a great little accessory that allows you to ration the necessary formula for your bottles.

Another side mention, unfortunately it does not fit in my diaper bag however if you are using formula I HIGHLY recommend the Baby Breeza. This has been one of the best investments we have made for any baby item. It heats the water to the perfect temperature, rations the perfect amount of formula and makes a bottle in less than 10 seconds! I would wait to purchase until baby is eating at least 60mls/2oz as this is the smallest setting however after that this tassimo for babies is brilliant!!

Baby Clothes

I always carry an extra onesie, set of clothes and a couple bibs (hello drool) with me just in case we have a blow out (which has yet to happen when we are out and about, thank god!!) Some of my favourite baby clothes come from local companies HazelberryCo & The Modern Kid Co as well as Joe Fresh and Carters!

Now with summer here as well I always have his turtle sun hat, baby sunglasses, and summer spray (safe for babies) on hand. I also also bring my Tofino Towel with me if we are going to the park or planning to sit outside!

Diapers & Wipes

When it comes to actual diaper products the Burt’s Bee line is so awesome. We have used the Burts Bee’s Baby Lotion as well as diaper cream since Cash was born and have not had a single rash! I also keep the Penaten Diaper Cream on hand just in case his little bum needs come extra hydration or his poops are extra messy!

Another brand we have used since Cash was born is the Seventh Generation Diapers and Seventh Generation Wipes (I also love their cleaning products). I also love that their diapers made with the environment in mind, have zero bleaching chemicals and are ultra absorbent!

Lastly my lovely Fawn Design Diaper Bag (Stone Grey)! I bought this diaper bag off of their Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook page and I could not be happier with the bag. It is functional, stylish and I love that is is a backpack, has so many compartments and is easily worn while i baby carry. It also allows me to have hands free which I have learned is literally a life saver when you have a baby. I initially started out with the Lassig diaper bag which was a beautiful bag however I found carrying the carseat and diaper bag left me with zero hands to open doors or get around!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Sarah xo




My Favourite Baby Gear

I wanted to compile a list of baby gear that we have loved and used religiously these past 9 weeks! There are soooooo many baby items out there, as new parents we feel overwhelmed and bombarded by everything, what products are safe, efficient, worth the price etc etc so I wanted to sum up items we have used and loved!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Sarah xo


Nursing Cover/Car Seat Cover/ Shopping Cart Cover

Initially I was very hesitant about nursing in public, I didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable (even though it really shouldn’t bother anyone) but after getting my Over Company Cover my worries have faded and I am absolutely in love with this cover. Not only can this cover be used for nursing, it can also be used for a car seat cover AND a shopping cart cover! Talk about getting a bang for your buck!! I also love that this is owned and operated by a Canadian Mom Boss, who offers a gorgeous array of colours and patterns suited for style!  I initially bought the stripe but am so excited as I just won another cover from them on an instagram giveaway!! Score!! Can you guess which colour I ordered?!!



To be honest I have not used the stroller as much as I thought I would because I find baby carrier much more convenient however there is definitely a place for it! We have started taking daily walks, sometimes to Shoppers and having the stroller is so great, especially if I plan on doing any shopping! I had my eye on the Graco Fast Action Jogger and Car Seat Travel System for a while and jumped when it went on sale, it was so reasonable considering you get the stroller and car seat. My favourite features of this stroller are the big rubber wheels, easily pushed through snow, rain, gravel etc, the two cup holders (because I always like to have a water bottle on me and the occasional timmies steeped tea), the large storage compartment under the seat and the fact that it came with a one button release car seat which is so easy to get in and out of the car!! Lastly it is surprisingly easy to pack up with a one pull tab to fold and fits great in my Kia soul, I plan on taking it to the rec centre on days when outdoor walks are not possible due to weather!


Diaper Bag

I initially had the Lassig Neckline Diaper bag, which I loved, it had amazing storage however i found it very difficult to carry especially when baby wearing (it has a messenger and top handle straps) and found it very heavy when packed. Due to these factors I sought a handsfree solution in a backpack style bag! I decided to go with the Fawn Design Backpack Diaper Bag, I actually bought it used off of their B/S/T Facebook page! It features vegan leather, great storage and pockets and the most beautiful gold hardware! Ive only had it about a week and a half and so far I absolutely lovvvve it!

Bottles and Sterilizers

Tommee Tippee Microwave Bottle Sterilizer 

Dr Brown’s Glass Bottles

We went through a couple different brands before we settled on Dr Browns Bottles after several recommendations and online reviews and it has made all of the difference the world. Cash has had zero issues with gas since switching and anyone who has dealt with a gassy baby knows it is not fun!! I love  the fact that they have a variety of options, we opted for glass over plastic and the 5 oz size for now with #1 nipples!

Initially I was boiling water to sterilize the bottles however this quickly become to time consuming so when Clayton came home with this microwave sterilizer it was a relief. In 4 minutes you can sterilize 4 bottles including all of the middle pieces of the bottle. I highly, highly recommend getting a microwavable sterilizer, it was a life save and time saver for us!

Baby Carriers

If you follow me on instagram you know that I have gone coo coo for baby carriers. I cannot express how much I love them, not only because it keeps baby Cash close to me but it gives me the freedom and accessibility to get dressed, use the washroom, do the laundry and make myself a meal! With a hubby who works out of town two weeks at a time this is the only way I keep my sanity!! If you don’t have one I HIGHLY suggest you invest in one, you will not regret it!! There are a ton of different carriers out there but these three are my absolute favourite. I always have one in the diaper bag, one in the car and the rest in the house!

Beluga Baby                                    True North Slings                             Wildbird Slings


Activity Mat

Lastly I wanted to share Cash’s favourite baby gear, his Bright Starts Light Up Lagoon Activity Mat! We actually bought this second hand from a friend and he absolutely lovvvves it! It lights up and plays music, it easily entertains him for a good half hour while he laughs, giggles and kicks the whole time!