Colour Pop Liquid Matte Lipstick Review

I first heard about Colour Pop through my cousin, after admiring her lip colour!  I browsed their site for weeks and finally decided to pull the trigger on these three matte lip colours, Limbo, LAX & Trap! For $6 how could you go wrong! PS My last burgundy lip post on Instagram is wearing LAX!

Well, first thing I want to address is Matte Lipsticks are a whole nother ball game that I really haven’t had a ton of exposure to minus the Too Faced Liquid Lipsticks but they really aren’t true Matte. These puppies are true matte almost to a fault. After trying multiple applications I found I had to hydrate my lips prior to application otherwise I found them very drying. You could also add a lip gloss on top however that kind of defeats the purpose of them being matte!

Secondly is once you apply them, wait and let them dry before you touch anything up because if you smudge it becomes a disaster (I know from experience!) and once it is on there it is one there for good! Especially with the darker colours, I found I really had to scrub to get them off however I love the fact that I can wear them all day and not have to worry about touching them up!

Lastly the colour on these babies is undeniable! I am so in love with the pigments that the other factors for me really don’t apply. LAX is the perfect dark burgundy colour, Limbo is a beautiful rich brown and Trap is a grey/nude finish with somewhat of a purple undertone (my go to!) I am super excited to try more of their lines, including their other lipstick, eyeshadows and soon to be released liners!

If you are looking to purchase these matte lipsticks, the price is in US (for my Canadian followers), however they almost always have a coupon code for $5 off. For these three lipsticks plus shipping I paid $23US!

Hope you enjoyed! xo

DSC01252 DSC01256 DSC01257

Left: LAX Centre: Trap  Right: Limbo

My Favorite Drug Store Lipsticks

Lets face facts, sometimes spending $20-$30, sometimes even $40 on one lipstick is coo coo and a girl has got to have options so I am rounding up my favourite drugstore lipsticks all currently $5.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart!!

Revlon Colorburst

This line is my favourite drugstore lipstick line. They have a ton of colours and I love the finish and quality of pigment in these. Below are my three favourites!

001Honey > Shiny Dusty Rose

245Audacious > Matte Coral

240Striking > Matte Red



Revlon Lipstick

This comes in as a close second in terms of my favourite!

677 Siren > Shiny Orange

825 Lovers Coral >Pink Coral

820 Pink Cognito >Shiny Nude

Annabelle Lip Liner

These babies are only $5 and I use at least one of them daily!

Natural Rose > I use for all nude or light pink shades!

Corail > I use for all my coral lipsticks!

Sparkle >  I use as a base for all my pink lipsticks!


Hope you enjoyed! xo

Earthy Tones

I am obsessing over earthy tones these days and when I saw this dress at Miss Boss it jumped right into my bag;)! It is super comfortable and the shape and back are perfect to compliment any body type! I am also so in love with the length and unusual drop hem, it is not too short and not too long which is very hard to find when you are tall!

This dress can be paired with so many great pieces for a casual or dressy look! Throw on a cardigan to dress it down with flats or a fabulous quilted leather jacket and pumps for a night out on the town! I decided on wearing these boots because its more of an unusual look vs wearing ankle boots, so I wanted to show it can look just as hot with boots or heels and that you can have fun with any look!

Lastly I am obsessed with this Matt & Nat Cork (yes I said Cork!) Ohara Bag and have literally worn it everyday since I nabbed on sale at K-Lee Boutique in Sherwood Park!! It can be converted into a clutch as worn here or attach the straps and you’ve got a cross body bag! Anyone who follows me knows I love Matt & Nat, not only is this brand Canadian and Vegan (animal love) but this gorgeous handbag is made out of recyclable material…. MIND BLOWN!!

Fashion should always be fun and this outfit embodies that fun for me!

Hope you enjoy! xo


DSC00142 DSC00143


Cardigan: Winners (similar here), Dress: Premonition (At Miss Boss or here), Boots: Arnold Churgins (similar here) Clutch: Matt & Nat Ohara Cork (here), Sunglasses: Retro City (here), Necklace: Eliasz & Ella (here) Bracelet: Eliasz & Ella (here)

Lips, Lips Lips!

I love wearing lipstick, it can be worn casually or to dress up any outfit! I feel like some women are very intimidated to wear lipstick and this should not be the case!! You have to think of it like you are just adding another accessory to your outfit! It definitely takes time to master but it is soo worth it when you do! I have outlined the steps I take when I wear lipstick as well as shown my favourite shades I am currently obsessed with! I can only hope that this makes it a little less scary for you ladies to rock a bold, strong lip colour!

Hope you enjoy! xo


1. I like to prime my lips whenever I am putting on liner and lipstick. I love Laura Mercier concealer to do this regardless of the colour of lip I am wearing. Using any concealer will help even out the colour as well as provide a base for your lip liner!

2. I line my lips with a similar colour of liner to the lipstick I will be wearing. I will then fill in the lips with this same liner. I personally find that filling in the lips helps make the pigment of the lipstick bolder and makes the lipstick last longer. Keep in mind you can also alter the colour of your lipstick slightly depending on the hue of liner you use!

3. I will apply the lipstick over the liner and make sure to connect the lipstick on either end so you make a complete circle on your lips with the lipstick (i hope this makes sense because its hard to describe!!) Lastly I will line the outer lines of my lips with a concealer using a fine point brush (I also use this same brush and concealer to finish off my brows: hint hint!). This helps finish the look and aid in the precision of the lines of lipstick!

Here are the sequences with the three different shades I used! In order from top to bottom, Too Faced Melted Peony, Too Faced Melted Strawberry, and Too Faced Jelly Donut! My favourite red, pink and nude shades, all of which can be found at Sephora!! My favourite part about these lipsticks is the pigment is so strong and bright, they colour lasts all day and the applicator tip is a beautiful mix between a lipstick applicator and a gloss applicator!