Eye Shadow Primer

Today I am talking about one of my favourite products and something I use every single day whether I am heading to work or running errands on the weekend!!! Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in the shade Minor Sin.

First of all you may be wondering why in the heck you would need an eyeshadow primer?! Well just like your face needs a primer to hold your foundation and to increase its longevity, so do your eyes! If you are putting on eyeshadow of any kind, in my personal opinion you should apply an eyeshadow primer first. If you don’t, the shadow can have fall out or move around during the day which no girl wants! Also shadows are so expensive nowadays, you do not want the shadow you are applying to fall off!! Its more like protecting your investment;)

Now onto the primer itself. Urban Decay offers 4 different shades of this primer, Original, Anti Aging, Eden and Minor Sin. I have personally only tried the Original and Minor Sin and much prefer the shade of Minor Sin! The Minor Sin shade is a champagne pigment with a sheer shimmer. It is absolutely gorgeous and just enough to brighten those eyes! I wear this all day everyday and even on it’s own, its beautiful! I also love the applicator brush on these primers, I just finished my old minor sin which came out of a squeeze tube and much prefer this applicator. I use the brush to put the product on my eyelids and then use my finger to pat the product evenly over my lid!

I have attached a swatch below of what the shade looks like, keep in mind this is a lot of product and I barely use half of this amount on my eyes, I just wanted to show the pigment so you guys have an idea of the colour and shimmer!

Hope you guys have a great week!

Sarah xo




Colour Pop Liquid Matte Lipstick Review

I first heard about Colour Pop through my cousin, after admiring her lip colour!  I browsed their site for weeks and finally decided to pull the trigger on these three matte lip colours, Limbo, LAX & Trap! For $6 how could you go wrong! PS My last burgundy lip post on Instagram is wearing LAX!

Well, first thing I want to address is Matte Lipsticks are a whole nother ball game that I really haven’t had a ton of exposure to minus the Too Faced Liquid Lipsticks but they really aren’t true Matte. These puppies are true matte almost to a fault. After trying multiple applications I found I had to hydrate my lips prior to application otherwise I found them very drying. You could also add a lip gloss on top however that kind of defeats the purpose of them being matte!

Secondly is once you apply them, wait and let them dry before you touch anything up because if you smudge it becomes a disaster (I know from experience!) and once it is on there it is one there for good! Especially with the darker colours, I found I really had to scrub to get them off however I love the fact that I can wear them all day and not have to worry about touching them up!

Lastly the colour on these babies is undeniable! I am so in love with the pigments that the other factors for me really don’t apply. LAX is the perfect dark burgundy colour, Limbo is a beautiful rich brown and Trap is a grey/nude finish with somewhat of a purple undertone (my go to!) I am super excited to try more of their lines, including their other lipstick, eyeshadows and soon to be released liners!

If you are looking to purchase these matte lipsticks, the price is in US (for my Canadian followers), however they almost always have a coupon code for $5 off. For these three lipsticks plus shipping I paid $23US!

Hope you enjoyed! xo

DSC01252 DSC01256 DSC01257

Left: LAX Centre: Trap  Right: Limbo

Morphe Brushes 35T Palette

I first learned about Morphe Brushes through one of my favourite Youtube Vloggers, Jaclyn Hill! (If you have not heard of her, you are missing out!) I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews and decided to pull the trigger on this palette and I am soooo happy I did! I feel like with online shopping there is always a risk that you won’t like what you get but whenever you are buying or looking into products, especially makeup, it pays to do your homework!

The verdict…This palette is absolutely stunning!! The eyeshadows are so pigmented and creamy, they blend like a dream. AND can I mention the price!! This palette is currently on sale for $23 for 35 eyeshadows!!! I did some swatches on my arm to show what some of the colours look like on my skin, I really wanted to do some photos of my eye makeup but ran out of time so I promise I will do this! In the past I have been a huge Uban Decay Naked Palette user and now at least this last week, the only palette I am reaching for is the 35T!

It also worked out amazingly that the 35O Palette, which is probably the most talked abut palette on social media right now and has been sold out since it’s release is back in stock this morning at 11am!!! I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on some more of the fab palettes! The Morphe Brushes site is linked here!

Hope you enjoy! xo

DSC01177 DSC01178 DSC01179DSC01171 DSC01172DSC01239 DSC01229 DSC01230

Prtty Peaushun – Deep Dark Review

I first saw this lotion of Lux Beauty Boutique instagram and was very curious to try it out! A bronzing, skin tightening lotion… yes please!!

My initial thought was it does not have a smell, or it does but it smells like lotion with no smell… haha does that even make sense?! Any who! The colour is beautiful however with the deep dark you really have to rub it into your skin. I applied it to non tanned skin and skin when I used my self tanner and it looked much better on the tanned skin. Its a beautiful radiant glow with a very slight shimmer and gives your tanned skin an extra boost! It comes in 5 colours, Plain, Light, Medium, Dark & Deep Dark. I opted for the deep dark for the summer months to really add a glow to my skin, I will likely opt for light or medium for the winter months!

One thing I did not like about it was I found it a bit sticky. I applied the lotion and let it dry for about 10 minuted before putting on clothes and then wore it outside in 27+ weather and my skin felt sticky most of the day.

Overall Verdict! I do really like the glow and will definitely use this lotion for weddings, throughout the colder months to give my skin that little extra boost throughout the winter however I probably won’t be using it daily with hot weather! If you have any tips to make this lotion not as sticky please share, maybe mixing it with your regular everyday lotion to dilute it a bit would help?! I will give that a whirl and hope that helps, if it does I will be needing a jug of this stuff!!

You can purchase Prtty Peaushun online here or at Lux Beauty Boutique!

Hope you enjoyed! xoDSC00755

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

I am so excited to be talking and sharing this foundation with you guys!! I have been a long time Tarte Foundation user and after seeing and hearing about this foundation I had to give it a whirl! The verdict… Its amazing!!

I initially purchased this foundation online because Sephora was not carrying it in store until recently but thank god they have it in store now!! I ordered Rattan which is pictured on the left and works great with my self tanner or when I have had a bit of sun. After awhile I ended up grabbing Bone too for my non tanning days. The brilliant thing about having two colours, you can customize your own colour depending on the season and your varying skin tone! I would highly recommend doing this for any foundation you love as our skin is always changing especially throughout the seasons and temperature changes!

For application I always use my damp beauty blender (see my full review on the beauty blender here) to apply, it evenly distributes and pushes the foundation into your skin without lines or the loss of product. If you are going to mix your foundation, mix it prior to my application and then use beauty blender to blend!

My favourite things about this foundation include the coverage, the hydration, the variety and the finish. It looks natural without being heavy or looking caked on, they have 30 different shades so you are sure to find the perfect tone for your skin and it leaves a beautiful matte finish canvas to work with!

If you are in the market for a new foundation I highly, highly recommend the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation!! Link (here)

Hope you enjoy! xo